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Harmony - Withdrawing Students

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The first 2 steps describe how to withdraw students during the summer (between school years). This includes “no-shows” and students who completed the previous school year but aren’t returning in the new school year. 


There are 2 scenarios that will apply: 

1.      If you are withdrawing a student prior to Harmony doing “their rollover process” in early July… use the last day of the previous school year as the withdrawal date (i.e. If the last day of school was 5/26/11, then use 5/26/11 as the withdrawal date.) 

2.      If you are withdrawing a student after Harmony does “their rollover process” in early July… use the first day of the new school year as the withdrawal date (i.e. If the first day of school is 8/16/11, then use 8/16/11 as the withdrawal date.) 


IMPORTANT NOTES ABOUT WITHDRAWING STUDENTS FROM HARMONY (during the school year or over the summer): 

  • It is imperative that you always create a withdrawal record for any student who is no longer attending your school; never mark a student “Inactive” on the Office Use tab.  
  • Withdrawing students using an incorrect date on the withdrawal record will affect your state RT and AT reports and any attendance reports run from Harmony.
  • Per Harmony… NEVER use a summer date to withdraw a student.  If you have used a summer date, it should be corrected as soon as possible. 
  • During the school year, students should always be withdrawn using the first day of non-attendance (i.e. The students last day to attend is Thursday, 9/8/11, then use Friday, 9/9/11. If the students last day is Friday, 9/9/11, then use Monday, 9/12/11 – you should never withdraw students using a non-school date.) 
  • Regarding "no-shows" - It is not necessary to delete them, but if you want your “no-shows” deleted from your Harmony database, please submit a help ticket with the student name, STN and grade level.
  • Any time a student is withdrawn, you should check to see if the student has any bogus attendance or discipline that needs to be removed.  If so, you can delete any attendance and discipline that appears for the withdrawn student.  Make sure not to delete any valid attendance or discipline in the process. 

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