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Teacher Laptop

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Other Helpful Resources: Acceptable Use Policy on Staff Laptops, Latitude E6400 Manual,


NOTE: Before using your laptop, be sure you have read the Acceptable Use Policy on Staff Laptops.



How to Dock/Undock

When the laptop is connected to the port replicator (dock) inside the teacher desk, it is the "docked" position. When the laptop is disconnected from the port replicator it is the "undocked" position. To undock the laptop, press firmly on the blue unlocking mechanism next to the power button. (See picture of button.) It is not necessary to shutdown the laptop prior to undocking. However, saving any open files is highly recommended. The blue light on the button will turn off when the laptop is undocked. To re-dock the laptop, place the laptop on top of the dock, and adjust the position until you are able to push down the laptop - allowing it fully seed into the dock. When the laptop is connected, the dock release button will turn a solid blue.


Important Note: When re-docking your laptop, it may take about a minute before your mouse and keyboard can operate.


Standby Mode

If you are using your laptop in the undocked position and close the lid, the laptop will go into “Standby Mode.” In standby mode the screen will go black and the laptop cuts power to all unneeded parts. The power indicator light will begin to pulsate. If you open the lid, the laptop will go off standby mode and turn on.


With this in mind, keep the following in mind:

If you undock your laptop, open then close the lid, and then re-dock, your laptop will be in sleep mode. Press the pulsating blue button on the dock to wake (or turn on) the laptop.

If you undock your laptop, but don’t open the lid, and then re-dock, your laptop will be on (not sleep mode). 


Suggested Practices

- If you are taking your laptop home or to another facility, shutdown your laptop before undocking. (It is not good practice to leave your laptop in sleep mode for an extended period of time or when it is being moved a lot. Use the sleep mode, when you are just moving your laptop to another classroom in the building.)

- Be sure to only dock your laptop in locations that have the same computer peripherals (printer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc) as in your classroom.

- Save any work before docking or undocking the laptop.

- If you are needing to insert a CD or DVD while the laptop is docked, just redock, insert the CD/DVD, and redock. (You don't even need to open the laptop lid.)



If after re-docking, the docking release button "pulsates" instead of staying on, press the power button. If your laptop display still doesn't show on the monitor, try turning off the laptop by pressing and holding the power button for 5 seconds and then turn back on. 


If your mouse and keyboard do not work after re-docking, wait for about 2 minutes. If they continue to not operate, turn off the power by pressing and holding the power button for 5 seconds.



Saving Files

Where to Save

Anytime you are using your laptop, save your files to the “My Documents” folder. Any time you are using a computer other than your laptop (such as a computer in the lab), save your files to your G: drive (the drive with your name). Anytime you are logged on the network using your laptop, your files will be synchronized with your G: drive files.


Backing Up

Although your files should be backed up automatically to your G: drive anytime you are logged onto the network, it is important than you regularly (about once a week) monitor the status. Simply compare the contents of your G: drive with your “My Documents” – ensuring they are the same. If they are not, please submit a helpdesk request immediately.



Using the Laptop at Home (or outside the district)

Logging On

Anytime you use your laptop at the middle school, you will logon using your regular username and password. However, whenever you logon anywhere else, you will do the following:

  1. On the opening logon screen, check “workstation only”
  2. For the username, type “user”.
  3. For the password, type “user”.

When logging in as “user”, you still have access to your files stored on “My Documents.”



Connecting to Wireless Networks

To connect your laptop to an available wireless network, click the little wireless icon in the bottom-right of your screen (in the system tray)..) Click the “View Wireless Networks” (See image.) Select from the list of available networks, and click connect (See image). If the network is a secured network, you will be prompted to enter the network security password.


 Important Note – Use caution when connecting to unsecured networks – especially if you don’t know the owner. 


GroupWise @ Home

If you are able to connect your laptop to a wireless network, you may also access your email using the GroupWise application. Simply double-click on the “GroupWise @ Home” shortcut and login using your regular username and password.


Resources Not Available from Home

Even if you able to connect to the Internet with your laptop at home, certain network resources may not be available, such as: Scholastic software and access to network printers.    



Other Tips & Tricks

Adjusting Volume

When the laptop is docked, there are three independent places to adjust volume: 1) Adjusting the volume button on the keyboard (see image) adjusts the laptop volume, 2) Adjusting the knob on the bottom-right of the monitor controls the sound bar volume, and 3) Adjusting the volume on the projector control plate adjusts the volume on the classroom overhead speakers.


Connecting to a Projector in Conference Room

  1. Connect a VGA cable to the VGA port in the floor box. (See image.)
  2. Press the Fn + F8 key and select the option to have the display on both the laptop and external display. (See image.)


Adjusting Screen Brightness

To brighten, press and hold the Fn key while pressing the up arrow to brighten. To darken, press and hold the Fn key while pressing the down arrow.


Battery Status

Check the battery status by pressing Fn + F3.


Start Menu

If you don't see a shortcut to a desired program on your desktop, click "Start" on the bottom-left of your screen and select All Programs.


Connecting a Student Laptop

  Download video


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