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Instructions for Who Wants to be a Millionaire

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Copyright Information

The graphics, logos, gameplay and slide presentation are the visual property of and copyrighted to Mark E. Damon.  The presentation is not in any way affiliated or sponsored by Disney, ABC, or any of their affiliates.  Any reproduction in whole or part is forbidden without the written consent of Mark E. Damon at markedamon@hotmail.com.


If you are unfamiliar with the game show, the purpose of this program is to answer questions correctly to work your way up the dollar values to reach $1,000,000.  $1,000 and $32,000 are milestones where you can't leave with less than that much money.

How to Play

Have student(s) as contestants.  Type in your questions prior to playing the game.  The green polygon is to be moved by dragging over the correct answer.  Once you move it over the correct answer, you will need to right click on the shape and click "Order" and "Move backward".  After you do this once, hold the CTRL key and the "Y" down until the shape is moved directly behind the correct answer (so the answer is visible).  If you hit CTRL+Y too many times, hit CTRL+Z to undo.  You may need to undo it a few times.

Proceed through the game sequentially.  At this point, you cannot eliminate two answers for the 50-50, nor can you cross out lifelines once they are used.  Otherwise, play it just as you would the game show.

For additional copies, please send $5 with the e-mail address you want the program sent to on the memo line to:

Mark E. Damon
409 Silver Court
Hamilton, NJ  08690

Any further questions, please e-mail markedamon@hotmail.com


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